Best Date Ever

So this guy I met online wanted to meet up with me, and I was thinking where to go. He was pretty good-looking, so I suggested we go to the sauna, which really just gave me an excuse to see him naked. BUT the way I told him was that I was going to the sauna anyway, so you might as well join me. He agreed, a little too quickly lol

So we got there, and you have to shower before you get into the hot tub. I had him wash my back, and he washed mine. Of course, there was some playful ass slapping, which goes unnoticed in China as something that straight men do, but we knew what was up!

It wasn't too crowded, so we were able to go off into a little corner of one of the hot tubs and chat privately about gay stuff.

They had these different rooms, for example, the rock room, steam room, cold room, and salt room. In the salt room, he helped me rub salt all over my body, especially in those hard to reach places. HOTT!

Later, we went to the steam room, and at this particular sauna, the middle of the steam room had a cold pool. When we couldn't take the heat anymore (no pun intended) we sat in the cold pool. I took him by the hand and dragged him into the middle. I took some cold water and slowly poured it over his head and shoulders to get him adjusted, and he did the same to me while looking into each others' eyes. We definitely had a moment. Then there was that awkward silence where there's nothing left to do, except make out, but we couldn't being that it was a public (straight) men's sauna.

So, just to get things moving, while still in the pool, I put the keyring to my locker on my dick, and told him to take it off with his foot. Then we started stroking each other with our feet, meanwhile looking out for people, trying not to get caught. exciting!

After we left the sauna, the sun had already come down, he said that he wanted to go back to 北大 to walk around campus for a bit. He held my hand on the bus on the way back, which is still pretty scandalous in China, and when we got to campus, he was still holding my hand.

there's this park with a lake on campus and on the top of a small hill near the lake there's this empty pagoda. It was night time, and dark, and few people pass by it, so we went up there, and started making out. uncrowded public spaces in China are few and far between, so we pretty much had to. Then I took his shirt off, and he took mine off and continued for a bit, taking breaks just to embrace each other. . .

Then we went down the hill and walked around the lake holding hands. one of my dreams just happens to have been to walk around that lake while holding hands with someone!

so then one of my (Chinese) friends saw me. He just said "hi". He doesn't know that I'm gay, not because I never told him, but the topic just never came up! So I texted him today and said that I guess you know my identity, and he said, "I don't know what you're talking about, but whatever it is, we're still friends." I forgot that two men holding hands in China doesn't automatically mean that they're gay! Especially because he's a villager! but apparently, not everyone is a villager, because there was this choir who was practicing outdoors, and the literally stopped practicing when they saw us walking hand in hand.

so anyway, he spent the night, which he didn't plan to originally. and that's that. . .

This morning I told him about this gay Chinese movie that I like called "Lan Yu" and how it inspired me to come out of the closet, especially because it was set in Beijing. Then we sang the song from the closing credits, and at this point I realized that my own "Beijing story" was coming true. I was singing the song from Lan Yu with a handsome Chinese gay guy in bed together, and I lost it. I cried from a combination of the sadness of the movie, plus the happiness of my (fairly) new life!

inside jokes from study abroad

English 成语

you may just call me 群

welcome to 九子

yeah yeah yeah yeah 耶!!!

What are you talking about? I'm speaking perfect English



Baobei you got laduzi cuz you chi lade

May I borrow your 那个 um meal card 谢谢

The next stop is national library, 再见

When two ones get together? OH NO!!!


so good at pinyin


She's not exactly. . . what... you. . . might call. . .the SHE'S SO FUCKING UGLY


NO. . . YES!!!!

stupid Singapore girl, Ian Jr., Maipa Jr., 非洲人 (Chris), Señor Chan, Mike the new gay, MAE (The Jewish Girl), Miss Bloody Hell, 马甜文, The girl from Egypt

sexual harrasment

Panamá *hand clap*

I didn't know any English until I moved to the States when I was 16, with the exception of A, V, C, wan, do, tree

Where the FUCK is she FROM? God DAMMIT

I've been sexually active since I was 25

Chinese people don't know anything.

Derricious, 有点甜, 原味!

It's never. . . (TWINS, 宋广易)

Are you that thirsty? 饥渴

It's on line four, it will only take an instant to get there

You just make up a business card to hand out to people, 郑轩龙, 我会说中文

This foreigner can't speak a word of Chinese, but SURELY can read Chinese characters

Oh? You're gay, as in not in a joking way? Then all of your friends are gay too.

I'll just get up extra early to finish my homework in the morning.

I think I'm just going to take a break from boys for a while; focus on my studies

偏僻. . .




Migrant worker teacher

郭锐 only started learning 普通话 since last year; I've been learning it longer.

mormon guy in 武汉, Mormon witch hunt



what are you trying to get 拉肚子

because our 口语 classes are so 完全不一样

来了 (日本)




wa de tingxue rang nanhaizu chulai


kelbe's voice with a lisp

German accent (I don't eat fish in china because of the bones, WHO WILL PEEL THE SHRIMP?!)

I don't want to talk about last year's elections in Nicaragua

healthy choice honey ham

I don't eat fish because of the. . . if you say "bones" I'm going to kill you. . scales

ummm 50% ran hou wo zenme shuo introduction?

That's my slave name!

The best Japanese noodle place near FX, have you heard of it?

It's cool, I'll just put my bag on the ground

I'm sure they can split the check for us


For I am so desperate to get my Chinese on that I will just do ANYTHING, even pretend to be gay and sleep with men.

No chin

foreigner central (俄文楼) (五道口)

吴斯颖 (WU SI YING4)

Don't believe me, look at the evidence

words, such as "fuck"

pinyin x and sh are the same. . .

the worst human being in the world


王一 (hey guy, Kyle's Chinese)


古代汉语. . . that's how you learn, boy!

the goof troop

Anthony (best friend)

Timi (the empress)

She's surprisingly. . .inflexible

the bus crashed because god was punishing us for our sins, yeah, thanks, Bobby

maybe you should do a little more praying, and a little less sinning

cursing because of hunger/cleanliness

how many kids can you have in America? Is it true that everyone owns a gun?

阿尔法, 知道吗? 哦,我不懂

I am Bruce

you dance, you see each other's penises, hug, hold hands, go home with a known gay man. nope, totally heterosexual behavior

smile what, 我很紧张, I don't know what to say to Chinese people, they're more afraid of you, than you are of them

郭锐 English examples, 2本书, who, how, what

热乱, 打球者,

homegirl (HK and the one with so much 态度)

Mr. 你好

you just think everyone's into you, no I only think people who are into me are into me.

Jay, how was 五道口


Grape, the girl who thinks she's Japanese

new 群

is it nice???


Spencer (Canto accent)

So, no cheese right

一杯咖啡, hot or cold, bitch!

Kyle's name is just some character that he just made up himself 渊

Oral means THIS!

no 三Q

I'd like to practice my oral English, oh but you're oral is fine, even thought you can practice your oral with us. in 长沙

The cheapest 黑车 in 韶山

哈尔滨, It's not that cold *five minutes later* FUCK!

Leave the safety of campus, but NOT the safety of 海淀

gay reactions: 吴捷 awkward laugh, 木之上宽: 真的吗?, 张新: 传说的同性恋, oh my god

everything always takes longer in China, no "quick dinners"

but it never rains in Beijing

It's the South, but not the duurrttty South

Canadian bacon

I've moved from going to the meat market to shopping online.

I think I'll get away from the who gay bar scene, and check out the gay saunas

Spencer's singing

but no one's from Beijing

he's from zhejiang province

he can grab my 偏旁 anytime

Mr. 那个

Southern 河北/ Northern 河南 second tone

Spencer's 黄色头发

She's a villager!

fatso, fatso 2, fatso 3 (they're gay?!)

his face is square, and not in the sense of defined rigid features, his face is just a square

It's better than sex


学汉语, 注意声调很重要

you may have won third place in the speech contest, but you are my first place roommate (later changed to you are first place. . . in my heart!)

Maggie's fat head ruined everything!

He speaks zero foreign languages!

back East

What's the difference?

Hamburger King and fresh squeezed juice

西单. . .




I'm fluent in 12 languages, especially Korean, or Cantonese

I don't speak Cantonese, I just know a lot about Cantonese

you don't need lube

saying "one" and "zero" is just crappy Chinglish? 0.7

saying whatever to get in their pants!

so when you're talking to a straight bro. .

people who could not say the ji,qi,xi (sinziang) (新疆)

raw life force forced endorsed by Sally Fallon, PhD.

海阔天空 our song!

net bar


It's only 50 Euro cents

David's English voice

Filipino English examples

Spencer's especially "accurate" Filipno accent, which just sounds Mexican

It's like tea without the tea




I totally went to 中关村 on his ass!

Macau is a part of Hong Kong, you can't just go directly into Macau

this is the best hotel in the macau

Bobby doesn't know anything about Hong Kong!

Spencer lost in Hong Kong

Spencer reads Chinese book in line, shows off the cover, places it on the counter, and still gets spoken to in English "Oh you can read the Chinese?"

Dim soom (Spencer always adding the 入声 to things that don't have it)

Where are their parents?! Looks, he thinks he's people!

What did I say, Spencer, what did I say?!


The only gay in the village, post-coming out, I'm the only gay in the gay club/sauna. Wait, Mikes is gay? YOU STILL DON'T GET THE JOKE, DO YOU?!

Shaving yourself is for peasants


Chinese bakeries

the boy's gayer than Christmas

The "Olive Garden"

I hope, no, PRAY. . .

transnationalist connection

David is from Portland, OR (ore-e-gone)

小朋友 (Dan Lauber)

Korean scooters, baseball caps, glasses, smoking, accent

I don't know tones, I only know my street, don't get all tonal me!

张新 would not go into a japanese store

the actress

如果要是. . . 的话

People who say 要是

Spencer is from Israel. wait, how much do Israeli computer scientists make? Spencer is from Spain.

language rapists, language enforcer

of course you understand!

我也很nice to meet you!

蛇果, 提子

only people I don't like are asexual

oh my god, so much shit talking to do

my crappy ass cell phone, the Oqqo

good times were had by all

false fluency


fat for Chinese or American standards?

Julita's tutor's hair armpits, totally in love with Spencer

When Mary first got to Beijing, she said that you can see the moon in the day time. No, that's the sun.

勺园 with no soul

中关新园 home

你好,服务员,knock *CHARGE*!

I pretended to be the 服务员 and the real 服务员 came.

You're taking DRUGS?!!! (Rush/coffee)

fat man in a little coat

So what's the difference between the 方言 in Washington D.C. and Seattle?


Grumpy old man, Bobby

decrepid old Japanese woman who ended up being the same age as me


This is 什么什么 cum and we're just slurping it up!


乌鲁木齐 wulimuqi, got it

watching KTV videos on youtube counts as studying

the handoff

brought in a large sack of sugarcane and offered to share it with the 帅哥 at the salon

only gay Chinese guys say 谢谢


but you just got here!


Nuna classmate

李水莲 least interesting person


the Southern version of Dickos

The girl from Egypt and her cell phone always going off

Who said Dutch people speak good English? Their English sucks!

you can write characters on my naked body

Spencer's alarm clock song which I heard for 10 minutes before he woke up.

Dirty Old Man got the impression that Beijing had a bad subway system, and that it was a rainy place.

The one that turns Beijing into Peking. I don't like that one


Pat Lucas lunch (you so crazy)






you got 没有'd

软件 of sin

The lamest kid in the suui siao was wearing a shirt with Chinese characters and a shirt with Chinese characters was no longer cool

儿字 MUST be written because it's so important!

Korean=SUE's favorite language, culture, food, especially 泡菜



Wait, you're telling me that Anne was the only one who:

I've actually beeen to:

四声=angry 声

Wait a minute, I'm starting to think that 入声 isn't even a 声 at all!

This is the espresso of tea!



Japanese/Korean accents

郑轩巨龙, 四个,五个,六个,都可以!

First pinyin, then tones, then characters!

You know when I say "Chinese" I mean SC!!!!!!!!

ha! It thinks it's people

Where are their parents?!!!!

shaving yourself/shampooing your own hair is for peasants


This is supposed to be 肉夹馍 not 菜夹馍!

壹贰叁 Traditional characters!

In evidence of Chinese characters not being that difficult to learn, they're like logos. Think of how many logos you can recognize, but can you *write* any of them.

I was so jealous of SUE's 茶杯!


Wait a minute, did you just say santing?

Let's just go and 凑 some of the ever famous 热闹 that I just keep hearing about!

Our lives are a sitcom


a text messages has to be responded to at most three minutes!

call a million times, because you obviously did not hear the phone the first time.


What? you're leaving? but you just got here!

Foreigner privilege

Tight asshole!

You can totally have condomless sex with no repercussions!

standard accent? sounds pretty gay to me!

langua franca

when I pray 爱疯四 my day is very very sunny.

I like soup. It's my favorite drink.


听不懂 witch hunt

That BITCH! Molly Leighton!

人人 friends

Yes I actually have a Chinese girlfriend/boyfriend from. . .

It was not divine

斯, but that's only used in transliterations

having your own 身份证

I speak better Chinese than Jeremy Lin

星期木, 水

Stop making shit up, Bobby, there's no 六道口!


宪宝 is from VT and David is from Portland.

Alien eye contacts


and you're doing drugs! (caffeine)

That sneaky snake


what? this is not 上课! She's not even older than you!

no 外卖 for you, you're too fat!

straight bro

Spencer and I have been good friends since before day one! (I just like to pretend that time never existed)

you live in a strange fantasy world when you can tell a guy to come over cuz you're so horny from looking at some OTHER guy and he can take a taxi to come over and help you get off. Also a guy apologizes to you for only offering his friend to have sex with you.

That FAT ASS sitting there getting his FFFFFFast FOOD 外卖, what a FFFFFFAT FFFFFFUCK!!!

He walked all the to Macdonalds just to eat, and then brought it back. . . unless that TOO was 外卖!

The fat guy and the mouse

智勇 is the most polite unfriendly guy ever!

All of Spencer's friends are girls!!!


419, four one nine, kind of sounds like "for one night" hence in Chinese internet slang "419" means one night stand.

Anyway, I recently came back from the Southern Chinese city of Nanchang in Jiangxi province, (江西南昌) and I met the most wonderful guy there. His name is 涂强 (Tu Qiang).

I went with my classmate Spencer, and we were walking around in a public square. I noticed this guy sitting on the steps and I told Spencer, "He looks so gay! Maybe I'll write down my number and give it to him." Spencer suggested that I just go up and talk to him and actually ask for his number.

So I did exactly that, and he was surprised that I could speak Chinese, as with most Chinese people. He then offered to treat Spencer and me to lunch. I told him that he was so handsome, and he told me I was too (not considered gay in China). During dinner time, I laid on the hints thick, for example I said, "看中国帅哥,我乐此不疲" meaning, I never get tired of looking at handsome Chinese guys.

After lunch we walked over to the park, and there was a ride there. Basically, it was a giant circle with padded seats and flooring so that when it bounces around and you fall down, you don't get hurt. Well, you do get hurt, it just doesn't hurt as much. I shamelessly pretended to fall on top of him, and grabbed him to "wrestle" hehe

Even with my thick hints, he still felt the need to ask Spencer and me if we had girlfriends. That's when I told him that I was gay. I was half expecting him to say, "Me too! Let's fuck!" but unfortunately, he said, "Oh, when I worked in Guangzhou (广州) I encountered a lot of gays." In my mind I was shouting out, "WHAT?!!! you ARE one!!!!!!" and then he asked me when did I know that I was gay, which was kind of weird. That gave me clues that maybe he was confused about his own sexuality. I was kind of angry at him for not being gay, or I guess angry at myself for having bad gaydar, but then all three of us went back to our hotel room to chill out for a bit, watch TV, chat, etc.

As soon as I got there, I used the hotel WiFi to go on QQ on my iPhone to look for gay guys. He saw me doing this, and then he suggested I go to his QQ. He got very close to me, on my bed, and was touching my thigh, and kept asking me if he looked handsome in certain pictures, and he looked at me in such a way that immediately made Spencer the third wheel at this point. I thought to myself, "Why are you being such a fucking tease?" A few minutes later, I got a phone call from a guy and I told him that I would see him that night. Almost immediately, 涂强 (Tu Qiang) suddenly had to go. He texted me back saying that it was nice to meet me. I texted him back saying that I was very disappointed to find out that he wasn't gay, and then he texted me again saying that he liked me, I then texted him back saying, "so are you or are you not gay?" and he said, "I would like to be with you, but I don't want my parents to know. My dear! I really like you!" and this point I squealed loud enough to almost burst Spencer's eardrums.

He said that he wanted to chat with me alone, and I told Spencer,
B: SEE! He wants to fuck!
S: Maybe he just wants to chat, like he said in the text message
B: Spencer, you don't know ANYTHING!

So we went out to dinner, Spencer and I, and I told 涂强 that I would meet him at the hotel room after dinner, and he kept texting me every moment, with each text starting with "亲爱的" (my dear)

So I kindly requested that Spencer go to the lobby to hang while I have the room to myself. SEXILED!

As soon as he gets there, he kisses me. SEE! Spencer didn't know anything.

I was his first time experiencing anything with a guy, we just had oral sex because idk I feel like anything more would have been too much for him, and in my mind I planned to see him again and I thought we could lead up to it.

Even still, he was so so nice and caring, I felt completely satisfied just being with him, just hugging him.

So before he left, he kissed me one last time and told me not to forget him.

But then before I went back to Beijing, I sent him a text saying how much I liked him, and that I haven't felt that way towards someone in a long time. Before that, he just sent me a generic "have a nice trip" text, with no "my dear" in it.

So I'm back in Beijing for a few days, no response, except for he's saying that he's busy. Then I stepped it up in a series of text messages:
B:I wanted to go back to Nanchang just to see you.
T:That can't be, I'll keep a precious memory of you. My parents will kill me if they find out. Take care!
B:How about you tell them that we're friends? That way they won't know about our relationship. T:I still don't want to. I will remember you!
B:A lifetime of unhappiness is not ok. You will not be able to take the loneliness, At least give us a chance. Think it over. I'm very low key.
(the next morning) T:No, it's really not ok!
B: Ok, I'm heart broken, but whatever you say is fine. How long are you going to control your desires? If one day you can't take it anymore, just contact me. I'll be waiting for you.

Out of all my 419, I finally meet one guy that I actually want to stay with, but he doesn't want to be with me.

How do I know that I really love him? I had just finished having sex with another guy in Nanchang, and I still thought about 涂强(Tu Qiang). That's pretty serious.

So, the only song that best describes my feelings is Stevie Wonder's "Overjoyed", especially the lyrics:

"I've come much too far, for me now to find, the love that I sought can never be mine." . . .
"and though the odds say improbable, what do they know? For in romance, what true loves needs is a chance, and maybe with a chance you will find, you too like I'm overjoyed, over love, over you"


Coming out in China

I just came out of the closet about two months ago while I was here in China. After I turned 28, two years away from being 30, I thought to myself, "How many more years am I going to pretend to be straight?"

I've always had attraction for both males and females, but my attraction to males has always been way stronger. This took a lot to admit it to myself, and finally to other people. I would have random encounters on the Beijing subway, or other public places, of some guy looking at me, but not the curious foreigner stare, just looking a little bit too long. I looked back, and I wanted to follow them, but I was scared. Scared of what? I don't know. Also, my first instinct is to check out guys first before girls. I remember when I was in Zhongshan, Guangdong (广东中山) in the South, My friends got together and we met a group of girls. Later they would talk about which ones they would fuck, and which ones they would only get a blow job from, and it occurred to me that I never even thought about that, or even which one was the most pretty.

After the loneliness, and denial, I couldn't take it anymore. If I didn't at least tell someone my strong attraction for men, I was probably going to commit suicide from holding back this secret for so long. So I told one classmate over the winter break. Not that I trusted her so much, but that she was pretty much the only person there, as everyone was away over the break. lol She advised me on the local gay bars.

I had been reading this gay Chinese online novel called "北京故事" (Beijing Story) which was made into a movie called "蓝宇" who is the name of a character from the story. I guess I got carried away with the fantasy of my life being like a movie. I live in Beijing, dammit! I should be experiencing my own Beijing story!
So off to the gay bars I went. Since that time, I've met a few guys and I don't think I can ever go back to girls again. Girls just don't give me the same feeling. Going out and exploring is the stuff I should have been doing in my early 20s, but at least I didn't turn 30 without ever having had sex with a man. Better late than never. I especially like Chinese guys, which is why I had even more of a desire to come out in China.

Attitudes of homosexuality are very different, and dare I say, better than in the U.S. and especially better than in Panama.

The stigma with being gay here is that you will not get married and not have children which is very important in Chinese society. That's pretty much where the gay negativity ends.

It's not like in the the U.S. or in Latin America where calling people gay is an insult. The fact that using gay slurs is synonymous with insulting someone shows through the language how it's inherently not acceptable in a certain culture. In China, people do not call someone gay just for the sake of insulting them. Such gay slurs just don't exist in Chinese. Even when I told my friends who are villagers that I was gay, they still didn't have a problem with it. Quite the opposite from most people in the U.S. from small towns. When I tell Chinese people that gays have been victims of violence in the U.S., or get their car windows broken, they can't even believe such a thing.

Basically, in China, society doesn't put pressure on you to be straight, only your family. Since I don't have a Chinese family, I pretty much have it pretty good here as a gay man. If anything, Chinese people are often more curious about me when they find out I'm gay. The thing is that Chinese society doesn't have the same gay prejudices or stereotypes like in the West, so they view us with an open mind and a clean slate.

For the above reasons, I feel like I won't be able to bear living in the homophobic U.S. or in my even more homophobic home country. After I graduate, I will be determined to get back here as soon as I can, and live my life.

Never Miss the Train

So me and my British friend Ashraf got to the train station 5 minutes late for our train from Wenzhou to Guangzhou. I'll never forget the words, "kai le" (the train has taken off)

The next train available was three days later, and the next bus was two days later. These people outside were advertising buses to Guangzhou, so I called my roommate, asked if they were safe, he said, "yeah" and off we went.

We got into this tiny van and the unlucky bastard that got on last had half his ass hanging off the little piece of seat that was left. Then we waited at a turnpike to get on a sleeper bus, only to discover that there were no beds for us, so we slept on the floor. When I finally got to sleep, the guy woke me up and told me to put on my shoes. We then got off the bus, with all my stuff still on it, and they had to hold me back when I asked them in Chinese, "What about my stuff" and there was a chorus of meiguanxi (it's no problem) going around, so I KIND of figured if Chinese people are ok with it, then I should be. They tried to tell me what it was, but I didn't understand, but I ended the conversation by saying, "The bottom line is, we are going to get back on that bus, right?" and yes the could tell me that was the case. So then we were back in the little van, and the Chinese people discovered that they paid more for their ticket than us, only because since it was the two of us, they give us a discount. The weird thing is that they asked me if I was from Guandong. I know it was dark, but come on, I'm obviously a foreigner. When I seemed confused by the question, he asked me, "Do you have yellow skin, or white skin?" I felt like Pat from Saturday Night Live getting interrogated on whether he/she was a man or a woman.

Then we got back on the bus and I was sleeping on the floor and with two people sleeping on both sides of me, some elbows and knees were freely resting on my body. Later, some guy woke me up to help me translate to some foreigner who I later found out was from Guinea. He just wanted me to tell him to put his shoes somewhere safe so they don't fall on top of him. When the sun started coming up and my back was aching, some people got off and I suddenly had a bed. I slept pretty well, as the A/C was pretty cold in the hot southern China summer. Later, we were told to get off the bus to take another one to Guangzhou and I got off in such a hurry, I left my Teach Yourself Cantonese book on the bus, but by the time I realized it, it was too late. We also had to pay extra for this bus just to take us where we originally paid to go.

And to think, we were worried that we were going to be bored on the train. . .

(no subject)

So my adventure in China is soon coming to an end.

My roommate Sandra and my American friend Kurt have already left town with each other. Sandra is going back to Germany, and Kurt is going to the nearby city of Ningbo to work when they are done vacationing.

The term is over

I suddenly felt depressed going in that school and knowing that I'll never teach the students again.

Also going into Sandra's room and knowing that nobody lives there anymore. I still remember the first day when I got here, and I was trying to respect her privacy and she was like, "No, come in in." and I saw all her Chinese vocabulary words posted on her wall. They're still on there.

and when I tell Chinese people that I'm going back to the States and then they ask me when am I coming back to China, I can't just tell them "maybe never" like they don't get how hard it was for me to get here in the first place. I just tell them that I don't know. I think it's so naive, yet, endearing that they actually think that I have plans to come back here.
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Chinese people love Obama. Anyway, some guy was riding a bicycle next to me and kept yelling "Obama" and kept saying random stuff that I did not understand. My Chinese friend was with me and she didn't even understand what he was saying, except "Obama" in Chinese which sounds almost the same in English.

So it was like

OBAMA gibberish gibberish gibberish OBAMA gibberish gibberish gibberish OBAMA

Then he rode his bike away some place and came back 30 seconds later only to do the same thing

I just said, "加油奧巴馬 jia you Obama" (go Obama)

Are You Chinese?

ok so I called my roommate's cell phone, and a Chinese person picked up. I tried to meet up with her to get my roommates cell back. Anyway, I really didn't know what she looked like, so I saw someone with a cell phone in hand, and I asked her in Chinese if she had my friend's cell phone. She obviously had no idea, so I told her, "suan le" (forget it/never mind).

Then she kept turning and looking and asked me if I was Chinese*! ! !

Needless to say, that was the happiest I've been in a while.

*there exists some minority Chinese groups that mainly live in western and northern China. They might have thought I was a Uyguir minority Chinese from Xinjiang pictured below.


Local Art

These were all done by local high school students. One of the themes seemed to be 反對暴力 (to be against violence)



Here is some "Creative Chinese Character Art" as John Pasden, writer of Sinosplice calls it. Although, not exactly like the ones he showed, they're still pretty cool:


These characters are 家庭暴力Photobucket

These say 中國加油Photobucket

Fujian province

A while back, I went to Fujian province to see Tai Mu Shan (太姥山)and it was one of the most incredible (and cleanest) places I have seen in China. It gave me the impression for the first time that China is not just a place with overcrowded and dirty cities. Also, some Buddhist monks treated us to lunch at one of the temples on The Mountain, and I bought some of their tea that they grow and process themselves.


Was your tea brewed by monks? I don't think so, muthafuka!Photobucket